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Our Story

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“Aspiration is the key to Achievement. We guide students & professionals’ aspirations in the right direction for a successful career.”

Our Guiding Principle

Who We Are

NXT Gen Vidya is India’s most respected knowledge provider concerning upskilling workforce with adept training pedagogy, providing necessary educational opportunities and roadmap for implementing effective career planning. We provide the essential knowledge and guidance to make better decisions about selecting potential educational opportunities or planning careers for a successful future.

We actively provide human resources with e-learning or outdoor learning platforms facilitating knowledge sharing and catalyzing growth via Corporate Training Workshops, University Workshops, City Conferences, Skill Development Workshops, and Information sharing via online and offline media.

What We Do

NXT Gen Vidya is a one-stop solution for all the Skill development and Educational opportunity requirements. Our vision is to enable organizations and individuals to realize their true potential with our expertise in skilling and strategic education consulting. We guide the individual based on experience and preference since every individual needs further guidance. We aim to impart valuable and quality knowledge related to upskilling, education and career planning.

We are consistent in our approach to understanding the need, creating tailor-made programs, and executing the agreed deliverables with a high-quality service. We live up to our vision of engaging experience for all our clients at all levels.

We are passionate about innovating, planning and executing the best engagement experiences. Our activities help to strengthen relationships and deepen the understanding of individual skill sets. You can count on us for lasting results.

Message From Our Founder

Mr. Aditya Sengupta

A warm welcome to NXTGen Vidya!!..

Choosing a career could be challenging and confusing, but students can decide to make it easier with some help and guidance. At NXT Gen Vidya, we provide relevant information to the students about various Career Paths that they might be interested in. We help them by applying different approaches like Career Planning and taking Career Self-Assessment that our team carefully created.

Mission: To help students in selecting the right course and accurate career path to achieve their goals, and build up a bright and successful career.

Aim: To be the most preferred next generation knowledge provider among students & parents in the area of guidance by 2022.

Vision: Spread awareness among students about all the available career options and opportunities and to provide the best educational solutions through our high-quality guidance services to overcome upcoming career challenges