NXT Gen Vidya LLP partners with Razorpay to provide payment options on the site. The Payment Policy of Razorpay will bond both the buyer and the company under all circumstances, and Razorpay shall solely be responsible for any Payment discrepancy related matter.

In case the buyer/customer doesn’t have the required Credit or Debit cards or any other payment method as prescribed by Razorpay, than under exceptional circumstances, the buyer can choose an alternate payment method as deemed fit by the parties and will continue to be governed by the payment rules mentioned in this policy document.

Using any debit/credit card or any other payment method to shop on is safe. We do not capture or even store your card information on our website or at the backend. This is shared on the secure payment gateway provided by Razorpay (Payment Gateway), our payment gateway provider. The URL of this page is

Refund Policy & mode of refund: 

As NXT Gen Vidya LLP is a service provider about Career & Education and the customer only pays us after a careful selection process like talking to NXT Gen Vidya LLP affiliated Mentors or Counselors and then after several discussions, s/he takes our service delivery session, and s/he agrees with terms and conditions and then pays to attain NXT Gen Vidya services.

Also, to deliver our services, we invest & put in a lot of hard work to facilitate the training of Mentors / Counselors and rental of office space, phone, laptops, certification, study material, visiting cards, etc.

Therefore, we do not refund any amount once paid for our services as we have already invested the same for the delivery of our services. However, if the customer pays more than one time by mistake or due to the Payment Gateway issue, we refund the extra amount by the same payment mode within 7-10 working days.

Cancel and Return Policy: Once the customer/buyer pays for the service to us, we do not allow for cancellation under any circumstances. We have to invest a lot in delivering services.

You may reach out to us with Grievances at Phone: +91 9113854964

(9.00am-9.00pm IST; 7 days a week) Or E-mail us at if you need any further clarification on the payment options or policy on our website.