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    Why become a Master Mentor?
    In India, a family usually invests 17-18 years of their child’s life in education with expectations to secure the next 40 years of work-life fulfillment,…

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  • Career Planning

    Importance of Career Planning:
    “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be overcome”
    – Samuel Johnson

    The job market is continuously changing. The work environment is also changing with…

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  • NXT Gen Career Assessment

    Choosing a career could be challenging and confusing, but students can decide to make it easier with some help and guidance. With NXT Gen Vidya Career Assessment, we provide…

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  • Outdoor Learning for Personal Growth

    Outdoor Learning for Personal Growth
    Outdoor Learning is always fun especially for Soft Skill Development purposes like Business communication skills, leadership skills, team-building skills, time management…

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