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Welcome to our Career Mentorship Program

It is great to see that you have taken the first step to change our next generation’s future by showing your interest in becoming a Certified Career Mentor. This certification program is unique, positively enriching, lively, and equips you with a skill that will help you understand Human beings and how to fit a choice of occupation with more than 40 years of work life.

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Expectations from our Mentor

  • To be approachable, positive, available, supportive, encouraging, open-minded, and honest.
  • To have a genuine interest in guiding students.
  • Listen and offer constructive criticism and advice.
  • Be available, dedicate time to mentoring
  • To discuss with real-life examples and advice.

Learning Outcome

  • We mold you to work with different age group guiding them at various career stages and fields.
  • We help you build life-long skills of mentoring, understanding careers, planning careers and developing careers.
  • Building & managing the mentoring relationship
  • Understand your responsibilities as mentors

Total Training Duration: 1-month
Webinar Training: 15-days
Virtual Internship: 15-days

Next Batch Schedule: 20th Feb, 10th March, 25th March