Career Planning



Importance of Career Planning:
“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be overcome”
– Samuel Johnson

The job market is continuously changing. The work environment is also changing with job sharing, telecommunicating, and other working methods becoming increasingly common. Technological advancements have made some jobs obsolete while others differ from what they once used to be. Career planning will prepare you for:
• Entering the labour force
• Future education
• Handle evolving workplace demands
• Predict trends or changes
• Ways to improve or polish your skillset
• Look for promotion
The purpose of the guide is to be a helpful companion in the struggles of modern-day labour market.


The guide aims at providing you with necessary information and exercises to help you along the career planning path. Efficient planning will ensure that you have a fulfilling career and help you in achieving your goals.
The guide is helpful if:
• You are looking for your first job.
• A recent graduate or fresher.
• Scouting for new career paths.
• Trying to climb the corporate ladder.
• Trying to explore your potential.
• Recently arrived in the country.
The exercises provided in the guide help stay on the course of success in your career and life.