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Why become a Master Mentor?

In India, a family usually invests 17-18 years of their child’s life in education with expectations to secure the next 40 years of work-life fulfillment, happiness, and achievement. And the investment is not just money, but parents invest in them mentally, physically, and emotionally with NO guarantee of any return either financially or socially. In a survey, the students were asked what they want to be in life if given a choice. Most said they don’t know or haven’t decided. The rest chose generic keywords that they frequently hear for example, Engineer, Doctor, Army officer. Unplanned Careers are those that are chosen without matching personal strengths and aspirations to career demands. They land the child into explorers, frictional, unstable, nonproductive work.


Learning Outcome

  • We mold you to work with different age group guiding them at various career stages and fields.
  • We help you build life-long skills of mentoring, understanding careers, planning careers and developing careers.
  • Building & managing the mentoring relationship
  • Understand your responsibilities as mentors