SOP-LOR Workshop


SOP & LOR – Ticket to your dream university

What is the committee looking for in a student’s SOP?
Tell the committee your story. Show them what makes you the person you are as when they read your SOP; they are trying to face your application.
Besides, they also want to know why you have selected their program over similar programs at other universities. Tell them why you have chosen their program and how it is essential to realizing your future career goals.

A Statement of Purpose or an SOP can make or break your application. It is the ticket to your dream university if done right.

This live workshop will not only train you how to develop an SOP & LOR but will ensure that you create them while attending the workshop itself so that your Study Abroad application process can begin at the earliest!


The process:

  • We train you about the basic of SOP & LOR and the complete procedure to write an impactful
  • You take the inputs. And write the first draft of both the documents.
  • In the next live session, we discuss your draft and share valuable inputs for improvement.
  • Now you will create the second draft based on the inputs received and submit.
  • The submitted SOP & LOR will go through Plagiarism check, Grammatical check and overall
    content check at our end.
  • Final draft will be created which can be suitably modified based on the university & course choice
    of yours.